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Wuxi Deli Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. forms joint venture with Bucher Hydraulics

Wuxi Deli Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. has agreed to establish a joint venture company with Bucher Hydraulics, a division of Bucher Industries whose shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Bucher Hydraulics is a leading international manufacturer of modern hydraulic systems, which customers all over the world integrate into their products. The wide range of products includes pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, power units, elevator drives and control systems with integrated electronics. With manufacturing facilities and distribution companies in Europe, Asia, the USA and Brazil, Bucher Hydraulics is close to its markets and customers around the world. Bucher Hydraulics is headquartered in Klettgau, Germany. In 2017, Bucher Hydraulics generated revenues of USD 550 million with around 2,300 employees. The transaction is yet to be approved by Chinese authorities.
        Founded in 2004 and headquartered in WuxiChina, Wuxi Deli Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of hydraulic pumps and power units in China, and has well established and expanded its overseas business in recent years. Its subsidiary, Wuxi Deli Hydraulics Co., Ltd., was founded in 1956 as a state-owned enterprise and transformed to a private limited company in 2000. In 2017, Wuxi Deli Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. generated revenues of roughly USD 40 million in the hydraulic sector with approximately 320 employees.
       The joint venture will be integrated into the organizational structure of Bucher Hydraulics and will operate under the name of Bucher Hydraulics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. The former vice general managerof Wuxi Deli’s hydraulic business will be named Managing Director. The synergies from joint venture will enable the company to provide more quality hydraulic pump and power unit solutions as well as more professional and faster services to customers in China and all over the world.
       The company’s management, sales and purchase department will be working closely with government, customers and suppliers regarding the details in the transitional period.

Address: No. 225 Xitai Road, Meicun, New District,
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